Sail Specifications

Description Size Luff Boom Vario Top Extension Cambers Battens Recommended Mast Operating Weight
Skyblade 4.3 Orange 20234.3 m2378 cm166 cmFixed8 cm47Team Edition 3704.86 kg
Skyblade 5.2 Orange 20235.2 m2416 cm180 cmFixed16 cm47Team Edition 4005.27 kg
Skyblade 6.1 Orange 20236.1 m2460 cm188 cmFixed30 cm47Team Edition 4305.72 kg
Skyblade 7.0 Orange 20237.0 m2492 cm202 cmFixed32 cm47Team Edition 4605.98 kg
Skyblade 8.0 Orange 20238.0 m2524 cm218 cmFixed34 cm47Team Edition 4906.33 kg
Skyblade 9.0 Orange 20239.0 m2554 cm228 cmFixed34 cm47Team Edition 5206.77 kg
Skyblade 10.0 Orange 202310.0 m2576 cm234 cmFixed26 cm47Team Edition 5506.96 kg

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What does 1 Year Unconditional + 1 Year Conditional warranty cover?

Warranty is valid 2 years after date of purchase. When making a warranty claim in the first year the product is unconditionally warranted. When making a warranty claim in the 2nd year the product must have clearly suffered from a manufacturer error.

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