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Switchblade, Racingblade, Skyblade & Raceboardblade

Please follow these instructions carefully as you rig. This product can be damaged if rigged incorrectly. Incorrect rigging will void the warranty.

Loftsails Blade, Switchblade, Blade FR and Raceboard Blade designs are specialized, performance camber-induced sails that are best rigged with the following sequence:

Lay out your Blade on a dry, sand-free and ideally wind-free surface.

Insert the recommended mast fully into the mast pocket WITHOUT threading the mast thru the Tekcams (by-pass all cams so that the mast goes easily above the battens & mast panel and directly up to the sail top).
Check that the sail top plug is correctly seated into the mast top.

Set your mast extension to the recommended length,
thread downhaul line and apply firm tension so the mast bends to allow the boom to be mounted.

Set the boom to the recommended length and mount the boom on the mast.

Apply FIRM outhaul tension, pull the sail flat
so that the Tekcams are pulled back and away from the mast.

FULLY release downhaul tension.

Set Tekcams into position on the mast by pushing up on the cams from the lower side with one hand and down on the
sail batten inside the mast pocket (cam zips open, enter boomhole) for each cam. This action allows the cams to be pushed up into place. Do not over-apply pressure! If cams do not easily go into place, apply more outhaul tension & less downhaul tension.


Once all Tekcams are set in place on the mast, apply full downhaul tension. Check all batten tensions with the Loftsails batten tensioner included inside your mast pocket.

Set outhaul tension to suit windsurfing conditions- and GO ENJOY THE WIND!

Avoid allowing cams to ‘snap’ off the mast when de-rigging. Manually removing cams from the mast (opposite of rigging sequence above) will extend the life of your Blade.

Tekcam Spacers
4 to 6 Tekcam spacers are included in your sailbag.
Tekcam spacers can be placed between the cams and mast panel front edge to promote a cleaner leading edge.
Spacers may affect cam rotation (more difficult).
Mounting more than 2 spacers per Tekcam is not recommended.