Pierre Garambois F990

About Pierre

I started windsurfing at the age of 10 at the lake of Salagou with my father and mother. I kept on riding on the river rhône mainly during holidays until the age of 16. At that time i started freestyle with friends from Lyon and we created "La BAR" a team of friends who tries to promote sailing on the rhône, freestyle windsurfing and a fun way of sailing in general. At the age of 17 i started sailing with Loftsails, thanks to Michel Marchand who distributes the brand in France. Since then, it's been more than 10 years that i sail with Monty's brand all over the globe, both in freestyle and waves, and i couln't be happier! It's been so many years that i actually couldn't imagine using other sails! :-)

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Pierre Garambois
80 kg

Why ride Loftsails gear?

In my opinion, Loftsails represents the essence of windsurfing: ease and fun! The sails are very performant, durable, really easy to use, with a wide wind-range and cheaper than most of the sails. Definitely the best price to performance ratio on the market!

The Gear of Pierre Garambois

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The Gear of Pierre Garambois

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The Gear of Pierre Garambois

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