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About Farrah

Passionate about sport and windsurfing, I am a veteran competitor in the Olympic discipline.  I am also passionate about instructing, coaching, and windsurfing development.  My goal is to pass on this love of sport and windsurfing to all, especially youth, and to raise the overall level of American windsurfing. 

I am a life-long athlete with a resume of competition in endurance sports, and a current competitor in the RS:X Olympic discipline.  I taught myself how to windsurf as a teenager and was instantly hooked on this fascinating sport.

Since this beginning, I have taken my passion for windsurfing to both American and international windsurfing communities. In 2000, I founded a windsurfing club at my college, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, which is still active today.   I have directed community programs, regattas, and training camps, and coached Olympic windsurfers on the international regatta circuit.  I have completed four international Olympic campaigns, competed in the 2012 Olympic Games, and qualified and will compete in Tokyo 2020.

There is great value in learning different styles and philosophies of windsurfing, and I’ve invested in the discipline of freestyle for learning and teaching skills fundamental to any sailor’s repertoire.   I’m currently both a student and instructor with ABK Boardsports, a group of the best North American funboard instructors.  I’m also learning to instruct and compete in windfoil, and work for TAAROA Hydrofoil assisting with product development and website content.

With my recent addition to the LOFTSAILS team, I am stoked to be able to help this group with rider feedback, community interaction and representing them at events!  I appreciate the team's spirit of friendship and the accessible, great-performing, and easy to use equipment that they provide.

My #windvision is to spread the love and understanding of windsurfing everywhere I go.

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Farrah Hall
60 kg

Why ride Loftsails gear?

LOFTSAILS creates equipment that performs well and is easy and straightforward to use.  I especially appreciate the team spirit and the communication with riders.  Loft values riders for both product and community development, and the Loft team and products are accessible to windsurfers at any level.

The Gear of Farrah Hall

Airscape Fin / Foil
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The Gear of Farrah Hall

Carbon Race Pro 190 - 240
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The Gear of Farrah Hall

Carbon Wave Pro 140 - 200
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The Gear of Farrah Hall

Skyblade 2021
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The Gear of Farrah Hall

Team Edition RDM
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The Gear of Farrah Hall

Team Edition SDM
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