Kacper Wozniak GBR-58

About Kacper

I began windsurfing in 2011 in Poland and straight away got really addicted! I continued learning at my local lake, Carsington Water and a few years later decided to start taking windsurfing more seriously. I began competing in slalom in 2015 and joined Loftsails in 2016. Loftsails was not very big in the UK at the time, but they had a great reputation and from the moment I started sailing on the Racingblades, I knew it was the best decision I could have made!
Few years later now, after leaving University I am trying to pursue windsurfing full-time, aiming to compete in more international events and join the PWA within the next few years!

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Kacper Wozniak
68 kg

Why ride Loftsails gear?

In my opinion, Monty Spindler is a real master of his craft. His sails, Loftsails, are consistently good, in every size, every year is amazing. Which is a result of his huge experience and real craftsmanship, no luck or guess work. I am so happy with the sails, the Racingblades are perfect, everything you could wish for in a slalom sail! So stable and fast, but not too heavy or over-complicated, they are also made to be very durable and strong, I get so much use out of mine!

The Gear of Kacper Wozniak

Racingblade 2019
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