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U.K. Speed and Slalom specialist Jim Crossley contributed this useful comparison test of the Switchblade and the Racing Blade for those weighing-up which models to choose.


The Racing Blade is a full on race sail giving ultimate performance ready for any PWA or strong national-level slalom racer to reach maximum speed potential – but still with a friendly feel.

The Racing Blade is built as the ultimate slalom sail with the perfect balance of acceleration, speed and control to be first to the finish.

The speed of the Racing Blade is just amazing when it comes to GPS sailing, smashing loads of national records and many average sailors have reached extraordinary speeds.

I would recommend the Racing Blade for any competitive speed and slalom sailing. (It’s only on a proper downwind speed course that the Speed Blade comes into its own!)   The sails are constructed for minimum weight and maximum efficiency but remain sensible with the vulnerable areas all reinforced.



The Switchblade is quick and comfortable over a large wind range and that makes it perfect for freeride, GPS and national slalom racing.

It also makes it perfect for anybody who just wants one sail for those summer-breeze days.

The Switchblade gives direct power and pings the board up onto the plane easily even with low wind speeds, especially with slightly reduced downhaul.

At the top end of the wind range, when totally maxed, the Switchblade always pulls from the right place and stays stable.

The large wind range of the Switchblade can even allow you to get away with less sails in your quiver.

In the gybes, rotation is super easy. The narrow luff tube and a 3 cam arrangement make it easy and quick to waterstart.

The construction of the switchblade has a lot of x-ply reinforcements so any damage has reduced consequences.

The Switchblade is simple to rig for a cam sail. With a small release of downhaul tension the cams can be easily popped on/off and they each have their own zipper access.

I would recommend the Switchblade for anybody who loves blasting at full speed and sail at a high level without getting too complicated. It’s just as competitive around a slalom course for guys and girls who like a sail that it less physical to use than a full on racing sail.

It’s not uncommon for sailors to compliment a set of Racing Blades using the Switchblades for the smaller sizes.

Switchblade vs. Oxygen drag race

In the same way a large Switchblade can be partnered with smaller no cam Oxygen for added manoeuvrability when the wind picks up.

Jim Crossley