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Although Loftsails have a comprehensive dealer and distributor network, many people get in contact asking how they can buy Loftsails products where they live because they are in remote areas, or their dealer stocks other brands. 

This is an example of a typical message often received:

‘Hello. A few Aussies Down Under love your sails, unfortunately there’s no distributor here. My Loftsails Oxygen quiver is getting old and needs updating. Have tried others, don’t feel as good. I need, want, require LOFTSAILS, please Any chance you could help? Thanks, Aussie John’

So what can be done in this situation?

If there really is no nearby distributor or agent a direct sale can be facilitated. And, if there is no local supply solution nearby, we will send any mast or sails you purchase with FREE SHIPPING.

But please note there are still some potential drawbacks.

  • Additional costs and further communication ‘post checkout’.
  • Customs clearance can be difficult and create both delays and additional taxes and import duties. Do your research locally in advance to avoid unexpected costs later. The typical costs involved are: import duties and sales tax subject to your country. If you buy direct from Loftsails you will pay no sales tax (VAT) if you live outside the EU community
  • Without a local dealer backup and warranty support is more difficult and again may involve delays as items are returned and replaced

That said, the world is getting smaller many of us now buy and supply with added confidence to and from far-off locations and, for the sake some extra days compared to local delivery (and some ‘grey areas’ on what the total costs are) we can make the most of positive exchange rates and easily purchase items online from trusted sources.

Although the walk-in service of a genuinely experienced, actual-stock-holding dealer is hard to beat for swift service and replacement, there are options available for customers at all ends of the earth!


Contact Loftsails HQ if you have no nearby dealer