Rob Hofmann flying at Luderitz and breaks 50 knots

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Rob congratulations, you worked your way into an exclusive 50knot club!
There is only 11 WINDSURFERS  that have even gone 50+ kn on the 500 m course!

Q: Many know you as the PWA announcer, and here you are over 50 in two ways!!! How long have you been into speed, and how does life feel at 50plus knots?

Yes a lot of people know me as the PWA announcer, but I always have been a high level windsurfer in all disciplines. When I sailed slalom I collected 2 IFCA Slalom Worldchampionship titles (Grand Master), and I always loved to go fast!  In 2015 I went to my first Speed competition on Fuerteventura (Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge) I finished  4th overall and won the ISWC European Speed Champion Masters.! That result proved I am fast! Over the past 2 years I improved my personal best speed at La Franqui (south of France), setting the fastest World Speed session for the month of October on the website, and going really close to 50 kn max Speed in open waters. So now, being over 50 years of age, I knew it was time to take a new challenge and see if I have the potential to break 50 knots on the 500 m course!

Q: This is your first visit to the Namibian ditch, how did you manage to be so fast? Did you know what to expect on the speed strip?

This is my first time competing Namibia, but I prepared everything well. I went to the gym for 9 months almost every day for more weight and power! I have a custom speed board, new fins. I think that I did everything right, stayed calm and used my talent to go down the channel with no fear!

Q: What was the wind strength when you were fastest?

Wind was not that strong...only 30 to 40 knots. I think with 5- 8 knots more wind I could have gone another knot or two faster!

Q: Would your speed have been reduced if you had used a normal boom inplace of your asymmetric boom?

I actually used a normal boom, because it was more easy for me to understand how much profile I give to the sail. Something that is very difficult with asy boom, when you don’t have a leeward side!

Q: Which board and fin size were under your feet? Which board design, which fin brand? Asymetrical fins? Your weight?

I used an AV Custom Board 39,5 cm wide, and 19 Asy Z Fin and Speed Blade 5.4 with RDM mast! My weight is 93 kg and I had 8 kg weightwest. The reason why I used my Speed Blade 5.4 is because we did not have enough windy days to tune the new 2018 Speed Blade. I used the 5.4 in al my best session in the South of France and was really tuned in!