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So, do you want the good news, or … err, the good news?

The good news is that Martin Folmer of The Netherlands won the first draw of the Loftsails ‘Win a Sail’ competition. Congratulations Martin!

And the even better news is the the prize draw is back! All you have to do is subscribe to the Loftsails newsletter, which we hope is useful to you of course as well!

So make sure you enter to win the next round (will be drawn end of June announced early July).

Some words from the winner …

‘My name is Martin Folmer and I live in the nice town Nieuwerkerk (Schouwen Duiveland) in Holland. I’m now 40 years old and still love windsurfing and being on the water and enjoy the sport like I did at the age of 8.

‘My daughter, Naomi, is now almost 7 and also wants to learn  from her father. So I’m a lucky dad and hope to be on the water for many years to come. There are many nice windsurfing spots in Holland. But my regular spots are at Brouwersdam and Kabbelaarsbank and Grevelingen.

There are only plans to build a large island which will jeopardise the windsurfing hotspot at Kabbelaarsbank.. Let’s hope this isn’t going to happen. and that we can still stay sailing there for a long time


‘I got an email from the marketing guy with the message that I’d won the sail draw. At first I couldn’t believe it, but when it also showed on the Loftsails Facebook Page I knew for sure I’d won.

‘I’m a very, very happy guy to win the Loftsails sail of my choice, especially since I happen to have been a Loftsails user for many years now and absolutely love the sails.

‘I chose the Oxygen (I picked the 6.3) because it’s a lovely sail and great to fly back and forth with over the water. It’s also very fast with perfect handling and control. I have Oxygens already  and will use it on my Angulo CV1 100 which is a perfect match.


I find Loftsails very good value for money and have used them for many years now and have a lot of fun with them, mainly because the wind range is so wide

I will say ‘keep up the good work how you always do’ to Monty Spindler!.

All the best and good winds. See you on the water. Martin