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The French Windsurfing Tour kicked off last weekend at “Plage du Jai” and it was the first official competition for Pascal Toselli using the Racingblade. Pascal lead the competition from the beginning by winning the first eliminations of the first day in light wind conditions. After 3 days of racing and 3 full elimination rounds completed it was all down to the fourth and final race that would allow one discard to come into play. Despite winning the final race in very challenging conditions, and just by one point difference, Pascal had to settle with second position, all in all a great start of the season.


Q: How did the new sails feel in your first competition with the new gear?

A: I feel very good with my new sails since I received them and it’s great to be able to confirm the performances in competition. The sails are very accessible, very easy to handle, powerful and seem to work in different conditions. It’s really plug and play. A delight!


Q: What sizes did you use most?

A: During the race I used almost all sizes except the 7m, the 7.8m I used the most.  It was really a great event to start the season and see what remains to work before the first PWA event that will take place in a few weeks in South Korea.


Q: You won a race in light conditions and a race in stronger conditions, under which conditions do you feel more comfortable?

A: The last final in the strong wind was above in terms of feeling!

Q: What is your preferred sail size and conditions?

A: It’s very difficult to say because I have different but good feelings with different sizes of sails .. but I think I have a favorite for the 7.0m this year.

For the conditions I particularly like the strong wind and despite that I did not use the 5.6m so much at the moment, I had good feelings with it too.


Q: It all came down to the fourth and final race and the discard that could change the lead, did you do the math before that final race?

A: Yes all came down in the last final and I had calculated that if I wanted to take the first place I had to win the race and that Pierre make three. So it was not an easy thing.. 🙂 I am only concentrating on making the best possible race and trying to win this round in the strong wind.


Q: In that final race you came back from a not so good start all the way to the lead …

A: Yes I took a start not terrible in this final, I manage to go into the first Jibe 4 and get out more or less 3 .. on the edge after I saw Pierre and Gunnar fighting for the first place , I manage to stay in contact with Pierre and when I attack the second Jibe I see that they jibe a little wide and I have a small swell perfect to make a good line of jibes inside, which allows me to go ahead, always a great feeling on the race course when that happens!


Congratulations Pascal, we look forward to more racing soon!!!