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As Loftsails celebrates twenty years the good vibes are stronger than ever. And it’s an opportunity to look back on a life designing windsurfing sails...

Windsurfing took me when I was building yacht and dinghy sails - way back when mylar sailcloth was new, mast flex character was unknown, and boards were simply chopped to make them shorter for strong winds. Windsurfers were fast compared to dinghies, but our centerboards – hung over our arms - were banging on our sides and our teak booms…

 We imagined how it all could be better.


Custom windsurfing sails were produced in my garage and in the yacht sail lofts where I worked. Ways to improve appeared.

 Passion for progressive design led to working with big brands and top riders, visiting shows and events, World Cup wins, World Speed Records... I traveled all over the world and met so many supercharged windsurfers sharing windsurfing’s good vibes. An amazing 40 plus years living and breathing windsurfing.

 And there’s still more in the tank! 

Loftsails began in 1999 on a sailmakers budget. The early years were both demanding and rewarding. Windsurfing passion led to Loftsails’ growth.

Loftsails 2020 is now 20 years on the water, built on 40 years of windsurfing passion. All 2020 Loftsails designs are improved with new materials and batten systems. Improvements that further animate Loftsails performance on the water. 

I am so very fortunate to explore wind vision with our team of talented riders. The Loftsails team is diverse, but all share wind vision. Loftsails team diversity is evident in the design quality embedded in Loftsails for all windsurfing disciplines.

 Windsurfing – more than ever – is greater than the sum of the parts. Wind vision.