Pascal Toselli


Name : Pascal Toselli
Country : France
Sail n° : F-916
Age : 34
Height : 187 cm
Weight : 97 kg

Disciplines :
  • slalom
  • speed
  • foiling

Home spot

Little story about you

This is the experience of 20 years that I do windsurfing and passion is intact. I am happy to have integrated the Loft sails and unifiber team, I feel in my place.

Favorite spot

Why ride Loftsails gear?

I use your gear because after testing I loved it! I also appreciate the way of working in Team and the work done for the development, all the ideas are welcome and we go ahead, all the details are reflected. I am very pleased to participate in this.

His gear

Racingblade 2018

Sizes: 5.0 m2 - 5.6 m2 - 6.3 m2 - 7.0 m2 - 7.8 m2 - 8.6 m2 - 9.4 m2
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Pro tips

What do you like about the Racingblade 2018?

“The Racingblade is the ultimate slalom sail!! For me it is one of the most versatile slalom sails. It is nice and delivers quality performance in everything you ask of it - down-wind, up-wind, Strong-wind, light-wind, anything! The Racingblade is a slalom machine for a long time, but I think the 2018 is particularly successful!”

What do you like about the Switchblade 2018?

“The Switchblade is really a very performance oriented sail. I was surprised the first time I tried it, I had not realized the level of performance! I did not really find any faults, the balance of the sail is very good and it is easy to ride in any discipline of sailing, freeride, freerace, bump and jump. The sensation of lightness is also interesting, so much so that I would be curious to do some slalom with a switchblade to compare to the pure slalom sails.”

What do you like about the Speedblade 2018?

“The Speedblade is a sail developed for speed and down wind racing. I had the opportunity to test them on speed runs in Tarifa, and even though the wind was less strong than the canal in Namibia those days, the speed sensation and accelerating was impressive as well as stability. I hope to one day try them on the canal in Namibia!”