Sizes: 3.7 4.0 4.2 4.5 4.7 5.0 5.4 5.7 6.2

Monty Spindler gave the 4-batten Loftsails Wavescape an entire redesign for 2017.

Based on the amazing ‘breathing’ shape parameters perfected in the new Purelip, this dynamic foil delivers extremely compact, radical handling. The bottom batten is now repositioned under the boom for a more vigorous sensation with the leech freed up to react and adapt in moves, while the foot profile is steady and reliable and retains drive for the most radical turns.

The aspect ratio is slightly reduced overall for added throwaboutability, all with the familiar light, direct, explosive feel and early-planing benefits that magazine testers worldwide loved so much. Naturally Loftsails have maintained their standards of total x-ply construction that give the green light to push your level with confidence in their absolute durability.

Read magazine test reviews on the 2017 Loftsails Wavescape.



• Unique, super durable full IYU250 4-part mast-pocket construction –
The perfect material between your mast and the elements
• Exclusive 3.5-mm. Biax upper body panels –
Resists damage from impacts and UV and reduce weight
• 4-mm. Biax window panels – Durable visibility
• RDM recommended. SDM compatible –
Both mast types fully compatible to maximize your windsurfing experience.
• 5-mm. Triax-laminate foot panels – For steadier handling and added drive in turns

• Triple foot and triple reinforced luff construction – For maximized longevity
• Modified shape profile – For expanded tuning range and added forgiveness and stability.
Higher aspect ratio and modified foot batten position for extra sensation and freer leech
for improved dynamic handling
• Forward-profile batten systems with Standing Battens at specific locations –
For responsive, low-end drive and easy upper end handling
• Dual clew eyelets with webbings – Adjust your leech-release character to suit your sailing conditions


    ‘… a very compact shape, the Wavescape is a true wave-riding sail, with power, stability and opportunities for multiple settings … early planing in the hollow waves … this sail has really allowed us to enjoy ourselves and attack hard in the surf’

    WINDSURF JOURNAL (FRA) Online Magazine



Designer’s Comment

    "The new batten layout, luff curves and body shaping schedules produced a light, stable feel and added, explosive reactivity and neutrality in shred mode"

    Monty Spindler
    Monty Spindler Sail Designer / Founder

Pro Tips

    "If the conditions are super light, rig with less downhaul for extra power, earlier planing and nice power for surfing onshore waves. Trim with an extra 2-cm. of extension for a nice open leech and added control when the wind picks up"

    Ramon Pastor
    Ramon Pastor Tarifa Core R&D Team
    I LOVE the instant response of the 2017 WaveScape to my body movement when carving. I hardly feel the sail in my hands, but still have such amazing power to accelerate threw maneuvers. I like to rig the WaveScape by adjusting the downhaul depending on wind strength and don't use so much outhaul so I keep a nice amount of shape and some power

    Diony Guadagnino
    Diony Guadagnino V-69 Interntional Team Rider




Size Luff  Boom  Vario Top  Sail Weight (kg.)  Ext. (cm.)  Teckam2 Battens Reccomended Mast
3,70 352 160 YES 2,83 12 NO 4 340 Team Edition RDM/SDM
4,00 362 162 YES 2,92 22 NO 4 340 Team Edition RDM/SDM
4,20 372 164 NO 2,97 32 NO 4 340 Team Edition RDM/SDM
4,50 380 168 NO 3,07 10 NO 4 370 Team Edition RDM/SDM
4,70 394 172 NO 3,21 24 NO 4 370 Team Edition RDM/SDM
5,00 408 178 NO 3,35 38 NO 4 370 Team Edition RDM/SDM
5,40 424 184 NO 3,50 24 NO 4 400 Team Edition RDM/SDM
5,70 440 190 NO 3,62 10 NO 4 430 Team Edition RDM/SDM
6,20 458 196 NO 3,78 28 NO 4 430 Team Edition RDM/SDM


Will older versions of Loftsails masts be compatible with newer models of Loftsails sails - and vice versa?

Loftsails IMCS mast bend-curve specs have been consistently produced across the range since 2000. The current production technique and component materials have remained unchanged since 2007, so all Loftsails masts and sails produced since then are compatible.