3-Cam Performance Freerace

Sizes: 9.3 8.5 7.8 7.3 6.8 6.3 5.8 5.0

The Loftsails Switchblade is the easiest-to-use camber-induced sail on the market.

Famed for its energy-efficient ‘elasticity’, the 2016 Switchblade once again proved to be the reference for freerace sails by winning the prestigious Coupe de Coeur title in Planche Mag. With the stability of cams and easy-to-access performance, the Switchblade poses a genuine threat to dedicated slalom sails – and is even PWA registered – with many lighter pros and national level racers preferring the concentration gains and energy saved by using a more manageable foil in serious competition environments.

Renowned as having the widest range of its class, the Switchblade transforms from low-end powerhouse into a top-end thoroughbred racing weapon thanks to a broad tuning band applied mainly via downhaul. Since Monty Spindler applied advances made in the speed and racing programs to the 2017 edition, the Switchblade has taken a step further with new materials and totally re-worked profiles that expand trim reactivity significantly with stunning effect.

VIEW TEST REPORTS: Loftsails 2016 Switchblade scooped Coupe de Coeur in Planche Mag!



• Tube battens – Stability for the upper end of the wind range
• Slick Tekcam2 rotation. (Tekcam2 Large for SDM also supplied) –
Easy cam rotation makes your windsurfing experience more enjoyable.
• Metallic cam interfaces – MCIs eliminate contact point degradation characteristic of cam designs without MCIs
• Centered battens in X-Ply sleeves. (Alternate pocket sides) – Using similar material for the batten pocket as the body material minimizes asymmetric character of Dacron batten pocket construction that, due to Dacron stretch, allows the batten to stay on the sail side. Pockets made with laminate pockets force the batten to stay centered. This is important to keep the sail symmetrical. If all batten pockets are Dacron, and mounted on the same side of the sail, the sail will want to stay on one tack more than the other, rotate to one side easier than rotation to the other side. Loftsails X-Ply batten pockets that alternate sides limit asymmetric character.

• Streamlined neoprene boom cutout with dual zippers – limits water entry into the mast sleeve during falls, keeping the rig light for a fast recovery
• Unique, super durable full IYU250 4-part mast-pocket construction – The perfect material between your mast and the elements
• Exclusive 3.5-mm. Biax upper body panels – Resists damage from impacts and UV and reduce weight
• 5-mm. Triax-laminate foot panels – For steadier handling and added drive in turns



Designer’s Comment

    "It's a softer, easier Switchblade feel for 2017, with added low-end drive and extra trim-reactivity - plus it's faster than ever too!"

    Monty Spindler
    Monty Spindler Sail Designer / Founder

Pro Tips

    "Uncanny combination of cam-sail power and no-cam handling! Consider some extra spacers after the first few sessions"

    MIRIAM RASMUSSEN International Team Rider
    "The Switchblade is the choice for those who want cam-driven performance combined with the easy handling that a moderate mast pocket provides. The Loftsails Switchblade is progressive slalom performance made accessible. Check out the Switchblade pedigree - mag test winner for years!"

    Monty Spindler
    Monty Spindler Sail Designer / Founder
    "Comfortable and quick throughout a huge wind range with around 4-cm. of downhaul range - potentially allowing a reduced quiver size. The build quality and materials are second to none"

    Jim Crossley
    Jim Crossley National Rider (UK)




Size Luff  Boom  Vario Top  Sail Weight (kg.)  Ext. (cm.)  Teckam2 Battens Reccomended Mast
5,0  398 180 YES  4,67 28 3 6 370 Team Edition RDM/SDM 
5,8 422 186 YES  4,88 22 3 6 400 Team Edition RDM/SDM 
6,3 440 192 NO  5,09 10 3 6 430 Team Edition RDM/SDM 
6,8 456 200 NO  5,26 26 3 6 430 Team Edition RDM/SDM 
7,3 476 206 NO  5,5 16 3 6 460 Team Edition RDM/SDM 
7,8 492 214 NO  5,9 32 3 7 460 Team Edition SDM/RDM 
8,5 508 220 NO  6,13 18 3 7 490 Team Edition SDM/RDM 
9,3 524 228 NO  6,31 34 3 7 490 Team Edition SDM/RDM 


Will older versions of Loftsails masts be compatible with newer models of Loftsails sails - and vice versa?

Loftsails IMCS mast bend-curve specs have been consistently produced across the range since 2000. The current production technique and component materials have remained unchanged since 2007, so all Loftsails masts and sails produced since then are fully compatible.