SIZES : 8.5  9.5  9.5LW

The Loftsails Raceboardblade (9.5 & 8.5) has a long history in raceboard competitions, twice used to win the World Championships (Fernando Martinez, Alex Buchau).

This specialist discipline involves providing power and lift for course-racing hulls, (longboards with centerboards) with specific designs for upwind drive and extreme pointing in displacement mode from ultra-light wind to moderate breeze conditions  – and full-planing downwind legs.

Loftsails Raceboard Blade has is a full bodied, low-end power source with superb, streamlined and efficient trim reactivity for the top end of the wind range-of-use.

The 6-batten Loftsails Raceboard Blade enables accessible, competitive course racing and the Raceboard Blade 9.5 LW (Light Wind) is a 5-batten design with all monofilm construction and 3 Tekcam2s for the best-possible light-to-medium-wind performance.



• Internal Kevlar strip applications that define shape profile and maintain shape stability- vertical and horizontal (at cams) orientation.
• Alternate side batten pocket applications with x-ply pockets (centered battens).
• The exclusive Loftsails Teckam2 system- simple, functional, light, adjustable, durable. 4 SDM Teckam2s installed in each Blade FR.
• Metallic cam interfaces: rotation ease, and mast pocket tension at cams maintained.
• 4-mm. D/P monofilm body panels: proven superior performance.

• All Racing Blades are engineered with tubed battens with varying carbon content in specific locations. The top three battens are specialized 100% carbon tubes.
• New 7-mm. monofilm vertical internal panel (inside mast pocket) for profile stability.
• Blade mast-pocket construction: Equalized loading between the mast panel (interior) and the pocket (exterior). The result is tensioned, firm mast pockets, exceptional durability, rotation ease.
• 4-mm. D/P monofilm body panels: proven superior performance.

Designer’s Comment

    "Specialized design for the low end making light-air raceboard racing more efficient and more fun!"

    Monty Spindler
    Monty Spindler Sail Designer / Founder

Pro Tip

  • Raceboard Blade
    "Our aim from day one was to make a sail that can get you around the course fast in any conditions. The RBB has incredible wind range and is easy to control when trimmed flat, revealing the V8 beast if necessary for reaching and downwind. All you need is outhaul and downhaul trim system because, if you buy this sail, you have a weapon to win races in any conditions. No excuses - it's time to work on your technique and fitness and play the shifts!"

    Patrik Pollak
    Patrik Pollak Raceboard Expert, Coach & Olympian




SIZE MAST BOOM Vario_Top WEIGHT Ext. Cambers Battens Reccomended_Mast
9.5 534 268 NO 5,79 14 TekCam2 6 520_TEAM_EDITION_(SDM_ONLY)
8.5 492 242 NO 5,27 2 TekCam2 6 490_TEAM_EDITION_(SDM_ONLY)
9.5 LW 520 245 NO 5,52 25 TekCam2 6 520_TEAM_EDITION_(SDM_ONLY)


Will older versions of Loftsails masts be compatible with newer models of Loftsails sails - and vice versa?

Loftsails IMCS mast bend-curve specs have been consistently produced across the range since 2000. The current production technique and component materials have remained unchanged since 2007, so all Loftsails masts and sails produced since then are fully compatible.