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Sizes: 2.8 3.1 3.4 3.7 4.0 4.2 4.5 4.7 5.0 5.2 5.4 5.7 6.2

With totally new design parameters for 2017, the all time classic Purelip – again a test winner, scooping both Coupe de Coeur in Planche Mag AND Testers’ Choice in WIND Mag in 2016 – delivers further expanded trim reactivity and effective range of use with a softer, easier character. Loftsails reduced the boom lengths on the larger sizes while increasing that aspect ratio on the smaller models. The profiles are deeper for 2017, complementing the luff curve updates that Monty Spindler and his all new test team in Tarifa have made.

The result is further stability and increased multipurpose suitability for the wide spectrum of conditions you may encounter on any given day at the beach. Build quality is a given with all Spindler-designed sails and the all x-ply construction, 5-mm. foot and 4-mm.-biax window panels will withstand a ton of abuse and forgive mistakes as you push your level. Mag tests keep confirming the crossover/bump ‘n jump and light-wind wavesailing prowess on the larger sizes while praising the stability and ease of use of the smaller sizes in harsh conditions (especially for lighter riders). 90% of wave sailors would need very specific, strong reasons not to select a quiver of Purelips for radical sailing in either tough conditions or epic surf.




  • Light and tough Integrated Panel Concept (IPC), 3-layer head/tack/clew radials – Connect the rugged X-Ply body for ultimate resistance to heavy surf environments
  • Unique, super durable full IYU250 4-part mast-pocket construction – The perfect material between your mast and the elements
  • Exclusive 3.5-mm. Biax upper body panels – Resists damage from impacts and UV and reduce weight
  • 4-mm. Biax window panels – Durable visibility
  • RDM recommended. SDM compatible – Both mast types fully compatible to maximize your windsurfing .
  • 5-mm. Triax-laminate foot panels – Built to excel in all kinds of radical conditions
  • Triple foot and triple reinforced luff construction – For maximized longevity
  • Modified shape profile – For expanded tuning range and added forgiveness and stability. Higher aspect ratio in larger sizes, lower aspect ratio in high-wind models for added control
  • Forward-profile batten systems with Standing Battens at specific locations – For responsive, low-end drive and easy upper-end handling
  • Dual clew eyelets with webbings – Adjust your leech-release character to suit your sailing conditions



Designer’s Comment


    "The new 2017 concept has a softer, easier, more compact feel with improved stability in all wind ranges"

    Monty Spindler
    Monty Spindler Sail Designer / Founder

Pro Tips

  • PureLip
    A more powerful, strong and super stable feeling for 2017, which makes me feel very secure to go for it when pushing my limits and trying new moves on the waves or jumps in either onshore or side shore conditions. Rigging tips: The Purelip is super easy to rig. Downhaul by following the guidelines, a minimum is nessesary. Outhaul you can adjust depending of your taste or the day, more flatter for windier conditions or looser for more shape in the sail with more power. Make sure to not overdo the batten tension for an even set for both tacks. Ripping!

    Diony Guadagnino
    Diony Guadagnino V-69 International Team Rider
    "More powerful and even more stable than the successful, double-test-winning Purelip 2016. Trim with less downhaul than before to find a steady, powerful shape, perfect for jumping control or  extra power in the waves"

    Fernando Martínez del Cerro Delgado
    Fernando Martínez del Cerro Delgado ESP-71 Tarifa Core R&D Team




Size Luff  Boom  Vario Top  Sail Weight (kg.)  Ext. (cm.)  Teckam2 Battens Reccomended Mast
2,80 315 132 YES 2,58 -25 NO 4 340 Team Edition RDM/SDM
3,10 334 136 YES 2,68 -6 NO 4 340 Team Edition RDM/SDM
3,40 350 142 YES 2,77 10 NO 4 340 Team Edition RDM/SDM
3,70 364 148 YES 3,06 24 NO 5 340 Team Edition RDM/SDM
4,00 374 154 YES 3,16 34 NO 5 340 Team Edition RDM/SDM
4,20 382 160 NO 3,16 12 NO 5 370 Team Edition RDM/SDM
4,50 394 166 NO 3,38 24 NO 5 370 Team Edition RDM/SDM
4,70 400 170 NO 3,48 30 NO 5 370 Team Edition RDM/SDM
5,00 410 174 NO 3,62 10 NO 5 400 Team Edition RDM/SDM
5,20 420 176 NO 3,72 20 NO 5 400 Team Edition RDM/SDM
5,40 430 180 NO 3,77 30 NO 5 400 Team Edition RDM/SDM
5,70 444 184 NO 3,9 14 NO 5 430 Team Edition RDM/SDM
6,20 456 186 NO 4,03 26 NO 5 430 Team Edition RDM/SDM


Will older versions of Loftsails masts be compatible with newer models of Loftsails sails - and vice versa?

Loftsails IMCS mast bend-curve specs have been consistently produced across the range since 2000. The current production technique and component materials have remained unchanged since 2007, so all Loftsails masts and sails produced since then are compatible.