Zero-Cam Freerace

Sizes:  4.6 5.3 5.8 6.3 6.8 7.3 7.8 8.5 9.5

The big lungs just got bigger!

The zero-cam Loftsails Oxygen’s consistently won magazine tests since the first models were released back in 2002, when Loftsails originally launched with a bang. 2016 was no exception with more test winning Coup de Coeur honors from the rigorous Planche Mag comparative review program. The secrets to the 2017 editions advances lie in new vertical shape schedules that improve stability and widen the range of trim reactivity beyond what genius designer Monty Spindler previously thought possible.

Superb low-end ‘lungs’ have made the Oxygen famous for it’s low-end effectiveness. Now it’s the top end that the 2017’s shape definition has enriched. Outright speed, stability and efficient handling for long, satisfying sessions are what make the Oxygen so popular and such a threat to it’s camber-induced rivals – all with the ease of use and rigging of a typical freeride sail. Now using material advances made in theLoftsails race sail ranges, the Oxygen’s re-worked upper body construction augments that top-end pace and comfort even further. We challenge you to find a more fun and rewarding sail to blast on!

VIEW TEST REPORTS: Loftsails 2016 Oxygen won Coupe de Coeur in Planche Mag (France)



• Unique, super durable full IYU250 4-part mast-pocket construction – The perfect material between your mast and the elements
• Exclusive 3.5-mm. Biax upper body panels – Resists damage from impacts and UV and reduce weight
• 5-mm. Triax-laminate foot panels – For steadier handling and added drive in turns

• Dual clew eyelets with webbings – Adjust your leech-release character to suit your sailing conditions
• RDM recommended. SDM compatible – Both mast types fully compatible to maximize your windsurfing experience.
• Cross batten with leech extension batten and clew layout – Connects the boom to the batten structure, and promotes lower leech twist for upper-end ease



Designer’s Comment

    "Yet another year of Oxygen performance enhancement - plus an easier, softer ride with added compact feeling for 2017"

    MONTY SPINDLER Sail Designer / Founder

Pro Tips

    "The way the Oxygen twists and always stays beautifully balanced makes it a dream to use. Adjust downhaul if required - but keep some shape with the outhaul"        

    Jim Crossley
    Jim Crossley National Team Rider (UK)
    "The Oxygen is a great allround sail. Easy to waterstart and gybe with it's narrow luff sleeve and no-cam rotational design. The real surprise is just how stable the thing is, that just blew me away. Drag racing with Monty, I just could not get it to wig out on me. If I had to have only one sail for summer fun, this would be the one"

    Erik Beale
    Erik Beale Speed Team and Speed Product Manager
  • Oxygen
    I have never been on such a comfortable camless sail. I was so surprised with the fast acceleration, the amazing power it has plus it's so stable. What I loved the most is the waterstarting - so easy to pull out of the water.

    Diony Guadagnino
    Diony Guadagnino V-69 International Team Rider




Size Luff  Boom  Vario Top  Sail Weight (kg.)  Ext. (cm.)  Teckam2 Battens Reccomended Mast
4,6 388 168 YES 3,60 18 NO 6 370 Team Edition RDM/SDM
5,3 414 182 YES 3,88 14 NO 6 400 Team Edition RDM/SDM
5,8 424 192 YES 4,08 24 NO 6 400 Team Edition RDM/SDM
6,3 440 198 NO 4,19 10 NO 6 430 Team Edition RDM/SDM
6,8 456 206 NO 4,36 26 NO 6 430 Team Edition RDM/SDM
7,3 472 214 NO 4,51 12 NO 6 460 Team Edition RDM/SDM
7,8 488 218 NO 4,98 28 NO 7 460 Team Edition RDM/SDM
8,5 508 228 NO 5,19 18 NO 7 490 Team Edition SDM/RDM
9,5 528 238 NO 5,49 8 NO 7 520 Team Edition SDM/RDM


Will older versions of Loftsails masts be compatible with newer models of Loftsails sails - and vice versa?

Loftsails IMCS mast bend-curve specs have been consistently produced across the range since 2000. The current production technique and component materials have remained unchanged since 2007, so all Loftsails masts and sails produced since then are fully compatible.