Loftsails Riders & Achievements

Nicolas Warembourg

2015 IFCA Slalom World Champion

Gonzalo Costa Hoevel

2014 Formula Windsurfing World Champion using Loftsails

2013 6th Overall PWA Slalom

Nicolas Goyard

2015 IFCA Youth Slalom World Champion

5th Overall 2015 IFCA Slalom Worlds

2015 IFCA Youth European Slalom Champion

2015 Defi Wind Youth Champion

2014 U20 AFF French Slalom Champion

2014 IFCA Slalom 42 Youth World Champion

2014 1st Raid La Tranche Sur Mer

2014 Defi Wind Youth Champion

Ben Van der Steen

2011 joins Loftsails finishes 3rd PWA Slalom

2012 5th PWA Slalom

Patrik Diethlem

Winner 2014 Luderitz Speed Challenge 51.63 knots

Delphine Cousin

2014 PWA Slalom World Champion

Dennis Littel

Incredible winning streak with 10 successive Dutch Formula Windsurfing Championship titles 2004 – 2014 (runner-up 2015!)

Youth World Champions – Springboard to Success

Loftsails has pedigree in launching the careers of many young pros and was  PWA Slalom Youth World Champion 3 years in a row:

2012 and 2013 Maciek Rutkowski

2014 Tristan Algret.

Plus 2015 IFCA Youth Slalom title with Nicolas Goyard

With a forgiving handling nature, Loftsails has nurtured many more up-and-coming pros such as Ethan Westera, Omar Sanchez, Lena Erdil … and more.

Antoine Questel

French AFF Slalom Vice Champion 2014

French AFF Slalom Champion 2013

French AFF Slalom Champion 2012

Valerie Ghibaudo

Valerie Ghibaudo joined Loftsails in 2006 and was always fast…

2nd PWA Slalom 2010

1st PWA Slalom 2009

2nd PWA Slalom 2008

2nd PWA Slalom 2007

2007 & 2008 IWSA Speed World Champion

Ludo Jossin

AFF French Champion 2009

Slalom and overall Champion 2009/2010 Spanish windsurfing tour.