1999 Birth of The Loft Sails

Loftsails began as ‘The Loft’ in 1999, developing original sail designs for the product year 2000.

The American Windsurfer 2000 sail tests on Maui were the first magazine evaluations of sails from The Loft. The O2 and Lip designs 2000 were ranked #1 & #2 in the 2000 AW tests.

Monty was the designer, proto and pattern maker and commercial manager for Loftsails from its birth in 1999 until 2009.

2009 The Loft has grown.

Under Monty’s 10-year management The Loft grew worldwide to the point where an expanded staff was needed.

In 2009 Monty released Loftsails commercial works to a partner. In 2010 Multigliss, France, took over Loftsails global distribution.

2011 The Loft becomes Loftsails

The Loftsails name, which was the website name for The Loft since 2002, was adopted as the company name in 2011, when the 3-blade ‘turbine’ logo – inspired by Tarifa’s wind mills – was also adopted.


A milestone year for Loftsails. Equipe Trading NL became the new brand management, manufacturing and distribution partner of Loftsails worldwide.

2015 was also the year when Loftsails Research and Development team (R&D) team was re-established in Tarifa. Fernando Martinez and Ramon Pastor are now working as Monty’s core team to test Loftsails designs in Tarifa, providing the basis for development, and ensuring a successful future for Loftsails.

Loftsails enjoys distribution worldwide and is tested in most major windsurfing magazines. Loftsails is a windsurfers’ company, dedicated to the development of original windsurfing sail designs with top quality – both in performance and manufacture.