No-Compromise Speedsailing

Sizes: 5.4 5.9

The biggest speed event of the year takes place in Luderitz – where the wind
BLOWS, and the world’s best arrive to set new World Sailing Speed Records.
At the 2014 Luderitz Speed Challenge Loftsails rider Patrik Diethelm was the
man everyone followed. Patrik set the fastest speeds of the event by more
than a knot! Patrik was riding his Loftsails Speedblades. The Loftsails Speedblade 2016 5.4 & 5.9 are based on the Luderitz-winning 2015 designs that now
include new leech-tuning advances.

Loftsails Speedblades are highly efficient and comfortable. At the 2015 Luderitz event Erik Beale broke his PB 5 times and was the fastest-per-kilo-of-bodyweight competitor, proving the 2016 edition’s progress on deep downwind courses following controlled testing in Tarifa.



  • Blade mast-pocket construction: Equalized loading between the mast panel (interior) and the pocket (exterior). The result is tensioned, firmer mast pockets, exceptional durability, rotation ease.
  •  4-mm. D/P monofilm body panels: proven superior performance.
  •  Alternate side batten pocket applications with x-ply pockets (centered battens).
  • Teckam2s- simple, functional, light, adjustable, durable. SDM & RDM compatibility.
  • Metallic cam interfaces: rotation ease, and mast-pocket tension at cams maintained.
  • 4-mm. D/P monofilm body panels: proven superior performance.
  • New 7-mm. monofilm vertical internal panel (inside mast pocket) for profile stability.
  •  All Speed Blades are engineered with tubed battens with varying carbon content in specific locations. The top three battens are specialized 100% carbon tubes.

Designer’s Notes

    "The Speed Blades are deeply rooted in top-level international speed sailing history. They’re all about efficiency - to rapidly reach and maximise absolute top-end speeds. Working with speed legend Erik Beale has allowed me to evolve the them even further than the Luderitz-winning designs. These are the fastest Blades ever."

    Monty Spindler
    Monty Spindler Sail Designer / Founder

Pro Tip

    "The 5.4 ideally is rigged on a 370 - 17 SDM Team Edition mast for riders up to 85 kg. and the 400 - 19 for riders above that weight. Lots of downhaul, zero outhaul for broad reaching. The 5.9 is a similar deal: 400 - 19 for the light people and 430-21 for the heavies. The development has been ongoing. With testing in Tarifa, La Franqui and Luderitz, we have found that a sail that tests fast in La Franqui on the tight reach there and is also mega fast in Luderitz on the super broad reach. So a great all round speedsail with an overlap in usesage - this equals really fast sails for everyone!"

    Erik Beale
    Erik Beale Speed Team and Speed Product Manager




SIZE MAST BOOM Vario_Top WEIGHT Ext. Cambers Battens Reccomended_Mast
5.9 441 182 NO 5,55 41 TekCam2 7 400_TEAM_EDITION_SDM_(RDM/SDM)
5.4 417 172 NO 5,42 17 TekCam2 7 400_TEAM_EDITION_SDM_(RDM/SDM)