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• Fresh, updated, Mast Program
• Purelip (Testers’ Choice Wind Mag 2016, Coup de Coeur Planche Mag 2016) 5-batten wave sail
• Wavescape 4-batten wave sail
• Switchblade (Coup de Coeur Planche Mag 2016, Highly acclaimed Windsurf UK)
• Oxygen (Coup de Coeur Planche Mag 2016)
• Racing and speed sails due end 2016

A Life’s Work With The Wind

I first built windsurfing sails of my own design 37 years ago, in 1979. The biggest lesson I’ve learned over the years? Is that quality sail designs imitate nature. The best – funnest, fastest, most multipurpose and easiest – sails to use are ‘living wings’ that animate our windsurfing experience. Most Loftsails 2017 designs are TOTALLY NEW and reworked living wings – all with more lifelike behavior and the advantages that breathing, responsive foils deliver.

An Extract from ‘Wind Vision – The Monty Spindler Story’

“Fuller designs cannot be made flat through trim. In contrast, flat-profiled designs can morph to fuller foils with soft trim. Trim reactivity is essential for wide wind range … rigged sails have two ‘states’. ‘Static’ pre-wind – and the ‘dynamic state’ when filled with air – and in motion. The ‘pre-wind’, static state must anticipate the navigating, dynamic state. When hooking in, the profile settles – and shifts rearward. Designs that enjoy wide wind range must anticipate this rearward shift when underway, so that optimal profile is shifted into, rather than shifted away from …”


Loftsails Test Winning Pedigree

Honor and Integrity

Loftsails truly has a unique family feel and I cannot describe the satisfaction I get when our work is rewarded with great results and test-winning reports, because, in a world of bold claims and broad statements, it’s vital that our product descriptions retain integrity and are proven by 3rd parties to be true. Thank you for your continued support and shared passion in Loftsails designs.


Good winds,

Monty Spindler

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