Sail Draw Prize Winner – Congratulations Paulo Molina

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Paulo Molina from Argentina won the second prize draw of 2016 and chose a RacingBlade 7.0 as his weapon of choice.

Earlier this season Martin Folmer of The Netherlands won a sail too – so be sure to enter and win the sail of your choice in the next draw!

After hearing the news, Paulo wrote in:

‘Thanks Loftsails for such great gift. It feels amazing to be one of the draw winners.

‘I’m 42 year old and, although I first discovered windsurfing in the 90s, I started really enjoying sailing some five years ago.

‘Now I must admit it is a passion for me and I think about windsurfing every day. So, again, it is one of the best gift I’ve received and I hope to make the most of it. For now, I’m just waiting until the winter ends and  for a good windy afternoon to get out on the water …

‘I  discovered the Loftsails brand from following competitions and Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, an Argentinian rider [who won the Formula Worlds on Loftsails in 2014]  do well on the circuit.

‘I was searching for interesting articles on-line and try to learn something new every day and that’s how I read about entering the draw.

‘When I got an email saying that I was the winner I couldn’t believe it! Actually it was one of my friends who saw the Facebook post and told me!

‘From that moment to now, when I got the beautiful RacingBlade, I was waiting like a child, checking online every day where was the sail going through the tracking service!

‘All I just can say is THANKS and I hope to be worthy of such a sail!’

Thanks Paulo – we know you’ll love the sail!


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